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Very few have noticed and sadly very few even care, but the Republican party changed their logo in the year just as George W. Bush was entering the office. It is very subtle, however, very significant. The logo of the G. While the elephant, stars, and even the colors are still present one change has been done.
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The history of the GOP logo is rather confusing. First of all, it is true that the current GOP logo features three stars pointing downward, but the. Why Did The G.O.P. Turn the Stars on Their Logo Upside Down The logo of the G.O.P. has always been an elephant with three stars in a row.
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Prior to the year the Republican Elephant logo looked like this.

Lone Libertarian - When did the GOP top suit a Satan symbol?

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Within American politics, there are several parties where citizens can become a part of, usually dependent on their viewpoints. It is said that the two most well-known political parties in American are the Democrats and Republicans. Surprising to some, the two parties are represented by the symbols of a donkey and an elephant respectively.
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    In November of the Republican Party pulled off the most lopsided midterm elections victory in a generation or more; really something to trumpet about!

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